My Yearly Tarot Reading for 2016: March

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For me, the month of March flew by in an instant. Really, I cannot keep track of how fast things move.

My “March Card” this year was “The Lovers” card.


The card shows a man and a woman standing next to each other, an angel spreading its wings above them. Behind the woman is a tree with 5 apples, representing the 5 senses and a snake. The snake refers to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, but also refers to the 5 senses. Behind the man is a tree with 12 flames, representing passion and the 12 Zodiac signs. The angel is wearing a violet cloak, violet being the colour of the 7th chakra, the one that connects us with the Universe or the Higher Power, if you like.

The Lovers card stands for love and romance obviously, but it can also represent choices, options, duality. When the card represents choices, these are always made from the heart. As an advice this card would mean to follow your heart and intuition.

So how did this card pop up in my life last month? ( Bear in mind that the energy of cards are not clean cut and start on the first to end on the last day of the month. The energy usually is present all year long, but stronger nearing the beginning of the month and fading out as the next month begins. So there’s always some overlap.)

  1. The thing that stands out for me is that I had to make a few decisions regarding my business. Especially which online workshop I would start to work on.Those who follow me know that I was considering two workshops. One being Stay or Go, on how to make decisions when you’re scared, stuck and feel that you’re not in the right place, be it your life, your relationship(s), your career.The other program related to the Self Care Challenge I introduced for free. The idea is to make Self-Care go deeper and to offer more tools, but also to clear away any blocks or emotions that inhibit people from taking some precious “me-time”.

    I actually wanted to do both and offer them separately or as a complete full-on package. But I also know that could be very overwhelming for me. So I decided to follow my gut and make a compromise.

    The result will soon land in your inbox. So stay curious!

  2.  Another choice I had to make concerned my health.I have no thyroid and this means that automatically I’m hypothyroid with all the “nice” (not!) consequences this brings. I rely on daily hormonal treatment to substitute what my body no longer can make by itself.It has been a long journey of trial and error from my operation to feeling well again. But now I’m in a bit of a sticky position. The medication I need and the only one I function well on does not exist in my country. I rely on external sources to get it. But it is out of stock and has been for a while now.

    Luckily I had stocked up myself but now I am running low. So I needed to try another source, which also means another brand and adjusting my dose — again trial and error.

    I have to say it is always frustrating because a difference in brand means trying to find the right dose again. And this can really plummet my hormones and ruin my day(s) and my well-being.

    Choices had to be made and now that I know the meds are running low from every source, I will have to revert to the quite expensive solution.

    Let me tell you that in the meanwhile I have balanced my dosing again and feel much better. And I have done this by following my gut rather than all the advice I read online.

  3. One more health choice was to stop my resistance to any form of exercise.Due to the above medical condition, I have to be very careful and balanced when I exercise. However, I decided it was time to tame the fear of overdoing it and asked my son, who is studying sports, for an exercise program that would be gentle. He did, and so I am doing this routine three times a week, as he recommended. Thank you, son!Furthermore, I started a daily ritual of breathing first thing in the morning – as per Pam Grout—, followed by small intervals of 3 minutes each of meditation. I use Inside Timer app to help me.

    I already notice the difference.

    Note: I did not add everything at once, but started with the breathing routine, then added the exercise and lastly the mediation. And I must say it feels good. Not only the fact that I’ve made those choices, but also that I’m keeping up with them — I am a bit of a rebel and wishy-washy when it comes to must-do’s.

    However, I made the choice to not see it as a “must-do” but rather as a “choose-to-do”, which makes all the difference in the world to me.

  4. Lastly —actually firstly—I was confronted with The Lovers card very early on in March when I had to go somewhere, I really didn’t want to be. I made the choice to go anyway, even though my body was screaming “NOOOO”!Oh boy. Not a good idea! AT ALL!!! I ended up leaving and having a major row with my husband who I blamed for me making the wrong choice. Nice huh!Yeah, I know, I know…not good, and not fair at all. ( Remember, I’m only human after all.)

So far my experiences last month. This month’s card is the Hanged Man. Bring it on, I say.

I’ll report back end of April, beginning of May.

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