My Yearly Tarot Reading for 2016: February

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hierophant-tarot-cardFebruary 2016 is gone.
And in a way, I’m happy it’s over.

For February I drew The Hierophant Tarot card.

The card shows a man —someone wise?— sitting on a throne with a three-layers crown his head and a scepter in hand. Two men sit at his feet. You get the impression that they are either being taught or being blessed or being told off by the man sitting on the throne.

The Hierophant stands for order, structure, following the rules, conforming. It can also indicate religious or spiritual groups and leadership. Mentoring, teaching and learning are all meanings of this card. I often interpret the card as protection, a blessing. In the negative, this card can mean too many rules, too much conforming and following the rules, so that it kills creativity.I can tell you that this card played out both ways for me this past month.

On the one hand, I felt very clear in what I was doing creatively for my work. So I created a new offer for you. And I’m really excited for it to launch. Keep an eye out for its launch.
I am not a fan of too much structure but instead of being all over the place, and jumping from one idea to the other, this month I set some clear boundaries and chose a few ideas to work on. One of the results the brand new launch I just mentioned above.

But the energy that was most present for me the past month was that of too many rules, too many restrictions. I cannot share the details with you, but I can tell you this much: There were so many rules and restrictions and blocks because of authorities that what was about to happen, just didn’t.
I got emotionally attached to the outcome in this matter and when it didn’t turn out the way I hoped, I got a terrible backlash. That’ll teach me to become attached to the outcome.
Plus I am a bit of a rebel at heart, so conforming, rules and feeling restricted is just not my thing.
The Hierophant in this way showed his negative, restrictive and conformist side to me.
But it’s over and done with. Gone. I made my peace with it. And we’re on to the next step.

I did have a beautiful ending to this month. My friend celebrated her birthday by taking us to Seville for the weekend, where we had a blast. It was good to have a change of scenery, to feel the energy of a city — which I need now and then. And though we started out of Portugal in horrible weather, the sun came through on Saturday, and although rather cold, we had beautiful days to roam the city.
I guess that was the”blessing” the Hierophant showed me. In having beautiful friendships that heal the soul.

My card for March is The Lovers. I wonder what that will bring.
I’ll report back to you at the end of this month!

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