Woo For You: January 2018

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As we’re nearing the end of yet another year, I’ll send you your Woo to begin 2018 in Woo-Style.

Furthermore I would like to take this time to wish you a wonderful 2018. Make yourself shine this coming year! 

“Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Monthly Tarot Card – Wheel of Fortune

Let me start by saying that I’m very happy to have pulled this card to start the new year with. It really resonates with turning a new page, starting a new cycle. So read further to get more of this card’s meaning


This card is about luck, a change for the better, things are improving. 
The card is associated with the planet Jupiter, which in astrology is a planet that brings us blessings. So when this card shows up, think of the Universe working on your behalf and for your good. 


The Wheel of Fortune reminds you to take inspired action. To just begin and start things going, wherever you’re at in your life. It also tells you to stay open-minded, to be curious about what’s happening. And to use your experiences to your advantage. New opportunities may come knocking and it’s not the time to say no to them. Instead, fully embrace these possibilities that are now opening up for you. 

Source: Theresa Reed – The Tarot Lady

Your Birthday and the Destiny Cards

I’m adding this new feature to my Woo Newsletter.

The Destiny cards are a way of divination based on a deck of normal playing cards, astrology and numerology. In this system, the day you’re born determines which cards represent you. Typically, you have a Birth Card and a Planetary Ruling Card. Unless you’re a Leo, then you only have a Birth Card. And if you’re a Scorpio, you have two Planetary Ruling Cards. 

For those born in January, look-up your birth date and your personal cards here: 
Note J = Jack, Q = Queen, K = King, A = Ace.

1 – K ♠️ & 5 ♣️ 
2 – Q♠️ & K♣️   
3 – J♠️ & 10♦️ 
4 – 10 ♠️ & 7♦️     
5 –  9♠️ & 4♣️   
6 –  8♠️ & 3♣️ 
7 –  7♠️ & 4♦️ 
8 –  6♠️ & 3♥️ 
9 –  5♠️ & K♥️
10 – 4♠️ & A♦️

11 – 3♠️ & J♣️ 
12 – 2♠️ & 10♣️ 
13 – A♠️ & 9♣️ 
14 – K♦️ & 8♣️
15 – Q♦️ & 7♣️
16 – J♦️ & 6♣️
17 – 10♦️ & 5♥️
18 – 9♦️ & 4♥️
19 – 8♦️ & 10♠️ 
20 – 7♦️ & 2♥️ 

21 – 6♦️ & A♥️ or A♦️*
22 – 5♦️ & K♣️
23 – 4♦️ & 10♣️
24 – 3♦️ & 9♣️
25 – 2♦️ & 10♦️
26 – A♦️ & 7♣️
27 – K♣️ &6♣️
28 – Q♣️ & 7♦️
29 – J♣️ & 4♥️
30 – 10♣️ & 10♠️
31 – 9♣️ & 4♣️

*Cusp Dates – Need astrology Chart!!! for reading ( So need exact time and place of birth!)

For more information or a full report, please check out my website and click on Destiny Cards
If you are curious about what your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card says about you, send me an email before December 31st with your birth date, and you’ll get your Personal Card’s meanings/info for free.

Source: The Destiny Cards by Robert Lee Camp

Moon Swoon & Astro Babble

Let me begin by sharing that the year starts with a full moon. Plus this month has not one but TWO full moons. So what are these full moons about?

Full Moon  – 2nd January at 2.24 am GMT in Cancer & 31st January at 1.26 pm GMT in Leo

On January 2nd at 2.24am, the year begins with a full Moon in Cancer. On top of that, it’s a Supermoon which means it is very close to earth. This Moon is also called the Wolf Moon or the Hunger Moon. It is all about love and forgiveness.
All full moons are a good time to let go of stuff and people that no longer belong in your life. Plus it’s time to forgive, yourself included.
Each full moon is always related to the previous New moon, which was the December one in Sagittarius. The wishes or intentions you set then may come to fruition or are progressing into something more palpable. 
This Full Moon in Cancer is in opposition to Venus, so it may shine a light on problems that have to be solved, or it may create tension in relationships.

The second Full Moon happens on January 31st at 1.26 pm GMT in Leo. This is a Blue Moon although it may look red in some regions as it goes with a Total Lunar Eclipse. Note that there will be no Full Moon in February in 2018. This moon is connected to the Divine Feminine with a lot of big, spiritual stuff going on. It’s the moon of second chances.
This moon is about confronting the truth and bringing hidden feelings to light. It’s time to express yourself.

New Moon – 17th January at 2.17am GMT in Capricorn

New Moon means time for setting your intentions and wishes. If you have been doing this before, you can always repeat your wishes, but it’s a good idea to have a look at what you may add or adapt in view of the moon being in Capricorn. 

Let’s have a look at what is ruled by Capricorn so you can adapt or add wishes accordingly.

* Planning for the future (as Capricorn is very practical and down to earth)
* Planning for long-term financial outlook
* Setting goals and intentions and achieving them
* Self-discipline
* Setting and keeping commitments
* Public image
* Being competent
* Ambition
* Making good use of opportunities that come along
* Hard work and career
* Recognition & Social Status
* Being respectful or getting respect you deserve
* Following rules
* Being in charge
* Authority figures
* Traditions
* Reputation

Also, take a look at where you are inflexible and/or narrow-minded. Maybe it’s time to take a different approach and be more optimistic. And don’t forget to bring more joy in your life. So have a think of how you can do that. 

Health wise, Capricorn rules the bones and joints, arthritis, the gallbladder and the knees. So if you have problems with your knees, joints or arthritis, maybe get the opinion of how to make your work-out safe so you don’t hurt them more. 

Other Important Astro Dates:

Remember that Saturn moved into Capricorn in December and it will stay there until March 2020. Saturn is at home in Capricorn, so this is a good placement for the heavy planet. 
Saturn has a lot to do with karma, and it’s a stern teacher. But if you’ve learned your lessons, then now Saturn will reward you. 

Jupiter, on the other hand, has recently transited into Scorpio and will stay there until December 2018. Remember that Jupiter is a lucky planet, one of blessings and rewards, of expansion. The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was in 2005-2006. So think back to that time in your life and what was happening then. It may have clues for you for this Jupiter transit. 
Scorpio is the planet of spirituality and emotions. So Jupiter here will expand these areas in your life. Keep a look out for what happens. It will certainly be enlightening. 

Note: Times are given in GMT ( London time). Convert to your local timezone via this link. 
Sources: New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller and Horoscopes & Forecasts by The Tarot Lady

Journal Prompt

New Beginnings

As the New Year begins, take note of what you want to feel this year. Take some time to write down 3 to 5 feeling states you want to experience this year. Put them on your vision board. Or write them on post-its and put them all over your home, so you’re reminded of this intention. 

If you’re into Tarot, you may choose your word(s) for 2018 by pulling a card and coming up with a word associated with that card.
Here’s a video by the Tarot Lady  on how to do that:  I guarantee you it’s fun, so watch it and have a go at it.

It’s All About The Books

I so enjoyed watching this Netflix Series. Watch it in the original version, please. As its title mentions, this series is quite Dark, but also very addictive. If you like a good mystery that’s clever and makes you want to solve the puzzle, then this is the one to watch. 

Claudia Hall Christian’s latest thriller with Alex The Fey as the main character. Her thrillers are a good and fun read. Give them a go if you want to get away from non-fiction or if you crave a lighter read.

I am thrilled with this new podcast on Astrology by Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady.
If you have done Star School by Theresa Reed or listened to her Tarot Bytes podcast, you know you’re in for something fun and informative. BTW astrology and tarot —I love it! 

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