Woo for You: April 2018

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“Forget about being impressive and commit to being real. Because being real is impressive!”

Jonathan Harnisch

Monthly Tarot Card – Queen of Wands

queen of wands

The Queen of Wands is like the Mother of Creativity. She is passionate, powerful, confident and intense. This card calls for you to embrace these qualities within you. Nurture your creativity. And be a leader in whatever you do.


Other than making sure you make time for your own creativity, this card shows you that it’s now time to inspire other people so they dare to be creative as well. 
It’s your time to lead, to inspire and to take action on your dreams. 

Source : Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady

Moon Swoon & Astro Babble

Full Moon in Scorpio on April 30th at 1.58 am  GMT

Scorpio is the sign of your deepest secrets and fantasies. It can even be quite obsessive. 

The Full Moon is always a time to let go and to forgive. In Scorpio, it can be revealing secret longings and emotions you maybe weren’t aware of. It’s an “uncovering” Full Moon. So let your secrets out, transform your fears into courageous tiny steps into the unknown. Remember, this can also be an emotional time.

It’s a good idea to make time for a ritual of letting go and forgiveness. Write down your secrets, your deepest fears and obsessions. See which fears you want to conquer, what fantasies you want to make real. Let go of stuff that no longer has room in your life. Then forgive yourself and burn what is no longer valuable for your growth. 

New Moon in Aries on April 16th at 2.57 am GMT

Aries is the first sign in astrology. It’s the beginning of a new cycle. It also coincides with the start of spring. So this is a time for budding opportunities. Be on the lookout for what new beginnings are waiting for you.

Aries rules:
– New beginnings
– Focusing on ourselves
– Being authentic
– Innocence
– Discovering yourself
– Independence
– Being impulsive
– Being brave and bold

At each New Moon, write down ten wishes. They can be related to the list above, or you can write down other goals for yourself. Be specific.

The energy of the New Moon starts to come in the day before but is at its highest during the first 8 hours after the New Moon. But you can write these wishes down the next 48 hours, that works as well. So take the time to sit down and write those wishes down.

Other Important Astro Dates:

April 15th at 2.21am – Mercury goes direct!
You can breathe a sigh of relief. On this day Mercury goes direct. So get things out there. And if you’re a soulpreneur, time to get launching , especially when you know there’s a Mars retrograde coming this summer, which will turn things wonky. 

For the whole month of April:

This is a very good article by the AstroTwins if you want to know more about the upcoming astrological influences this month. Lots of “horns” going on, and lots of important planets in retrograde position. All is explained here:

You can also check out your personal forecast here:

Note: Times in this post are given in GMT ( London time). Convert to your local timezone via this link. 
Sources: New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller 

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