My Tarot Year Reading for 2016: April – The Hanged Man

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hanged-man-tarot-cardReviewing my April Tarot card, The Hanged Man, I can only say that I was really “hanging”.

Let’s have a look into some of the keywords for the Hanged Man: waiting (for the right time), surrender, patience, inspiration, having faith, in suspension, a sacrifice, an aha, a time for rest, for non-action.

Now for me, this card in April really was all about waiting and feeling suspended and taking no action.

First I came down with severe tonsillitis, which was no fun and had to be treated with antibiotics. I and antibiotics, we’re not good friends. It helped immediately but it always takes its toll on my body. It exhausts me.
So I let my body take over and have it rest to heal and to restore.

The consequence was that my business also was in suspension mode. My plan was to create my workbook for my upcoming virtual Workshop “Stay or Go? That’s the Question”. But focus, inspiration, and energy were not part of my magic treasure chest. Instead of forcing it, I just put it aside, knowing it would be no use to work on this right now and that it would be better to approach when I was feeling better.

And which BTW way I’m now working on full throttle.

Last month I also had an upcoming birthday and people kept asking me what I was going to do since it was a special one. I’m walking this planet for half a century now, so maybe that is special, I don’t know. But I don’t really put too much meaning in a number. I feel as old or as I want to. And believe me, in my head I’m still a spring chicken.

However, I did not really want to make any plans to celebrate and kept postponing any planning on the matter. In the end that was a good idea, because things came together sort of organically —and I love when that happens. Not thinking about my birthday we had set up a dinner party with friends to try the Indonesian food in another friend’s restaurant, which would be the evening after my birthday. Then it dawned on me. Why not celebrate then?

It happened like that spontaneously and I had a blast. I much prefer these spontaneous things than making plans only to have them not live up to my expectations, which often happens.

Here the Hanged Man was a case of me just waiting for the right time to come and for a plan to unfold in a great way.

Another way The Hanged Man made himself known was when I heard about the death of Prince, who is my big hero since I was 14 or 15 years old. I still cannot believe he’s gone. I’ve spent the past two weeks listening to my Prince playlist whilst driving and watching some brilliant pearls of youtube video’s that all of a sudden appear all over the internet.

I remember that the first record I ever bought was “Controversy”. Later on, I would buy all his former ones, but in Europe “Controversy” was the album that got him on the Euro-map, soon to be followed by 1999, the real beginning of the Prince era for me. Whenever a new Prince album came to, I just ran to the record store and got it. I still have the vinyl ones from that time and this has made me think about getting a turn table again.

But I can tell you I was in shock. I believe Prince to be a true Essential Self-kind of person. He did not conform to norm, rules, and society as a whole. He did what he was inspired to do, as he himself always say, by God.  And I remember that on all his albums and CD’s he thanked God. Because in his eyes God was part of making that music.

I believe him to be a true wild human, unashamedly himself. Very clever, very connected to the Source, and following his gut all the time. But also humble and respectful. Respect for that. I think he left a big mark and it showed all around the world.So, RIP Prince, I miss you.

There were some other realizations I had, the Hanged Man’s aha’s, which called for introspection. Some of them really made me a happy woman. For example when my sons schemed behind my back to get a birthday cake to the restaurant where we were celebrating. It made me realize how much they love me and how much I love them…

My card for May is Strength. I have an idea what that’s all about. Sorry, you’ll have to wait it out until the end of the month. Then I’ll tell you whether my hunch was true or not.

In the meanwhile, I offer Coaching with the Tarot readings for you. They are very insightful in what is bothering you, or what you may need to address at this time. If you want to know more about them, pop over to my website and have a look.

Photo Credit: Source = a 1909 card scanned by Holly Voley (http://home.comcast.net/~vilex/) for the public domain

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