My Yearly Tarot Reading: June – Justice

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June has come and gone. And to be honest I’m happy it has.

justiceMy Tarot Card for June was Justice.

This card can refer to something legal you need to deal with, court cases literally, but on a deeper level the keywords for the Justice card are: fairness, balance, weighing of options, seeing both sides of the story, integrity, consequences, honesty, truth.

Last month I was faced with searching for that sense of balance in a practical way. I’m not going into details but it’s a practical issue that involves dealing with the tedious bureaucratic system in the country I live in and which is so much fun —NOT!!!

Which brings me to the deeper meaning of this card. Searching for a practical solution, balancing and weighing our options in that respect, dealing with legal matters and documents is a challenge and brought about a deeper imbalance within myself.

Combined with the heavy, oppressing energy of Mars retrograde I could not find peace. I was fretting, procrastinating —oh yes, I am good at that— and thinking about options brought me nowhere.

Still, the good thing was me taking a hard look at my business and weeding out some things that did not bring me much joy. In a practical sense I made my website copy more concise, radically took out unnecessary stuff, and made it literally “lighter”.

With regards to the legal stuff, things were not solved, but the start of a potential solution was made. Hopefully Mars direct will speed things up now.

But all in all the last two weeks of June, near the end of the Mars retrograde period, felt extra heavy, slow and difficult. Consequences, truth, and weighing options were all very present.

The culmination of both the Justice card and Mars retro brought on an emotional dissolving the day after Mars went direct. As if I had been holding my breath until I had to either let go or suffocate.

The week before I had dinner with my dad’s best friend who’s here on holiday. He’s one, if not, the biggest link I have to my dad who passed away nearly 3 years ago. And I guess I still haven’t resolved the grieving part.

So we had dinner and told great stories about my dad, the charismatic “artist of life”. But the day after, all the things involving his sad last years hit me. My lower back was in spasms and I had a stomach virus that had me doubled over with cramps. I decided to visit my energy guy who’s also an osteopath.

He immediately told me that all my physical problems were rooted in my emotional state. As I lay on the table being pulled in different directions, I knew my emotional bubble was about to blow up.  The main catalyst: that dinner with dad’s best friend.

As I was about to share my insight, he told me my dad was there in the room with us. That he was worried about me. He said some more things which I can’t share right now. But just imagine the buckets of tears I cried that day. Which was a good thing. Letting go, and allowing myself to grief.

I know I still need to deal with my dad’s passing. So there’s another “Justice” thing I need to do.

I think both Mars and the energy of “Justice” went out with a big bang for me at the end of June. And now I am in the middle of the energy of the next card: Judgment.

More on that in a month’s time.

If you feel you’re looking for more balance, if you’re weighing out your options, trying to be honest and in integrity with yourself and want a helping hand, just give a shout and we’ll chat. null

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