Why Tarot?

The Tarot sheds light on a situation or experience, as well as your life, thoughts, and emotions. It’s a powerful tool that gives you a sense of security and direction to go because it allows you to put things in context and gain a better understanding of what’s really going on beneath the surface. This clarity and insight gives you more control without ignoring your deepest fears and feelings.

It allows for deep self-reflection and assists you in making choices and decisions so that you can act on the insights you’ve gained.

The Tarot has always been a comforting presence in my life. It has guided and helped me whenever I wasn’t sure where to turn next,  when I felt overwhelmed, or when I was feeling down.

It’s a good companion for whenever you’re in doubt or need to make some choices.

Nevertheless, I want you to understand the Tarot never takes away your power and accountability. You always continue to be a conscious, active participant in your own life and destiny.

I use the Tarot because it serves as a mirror. It gives our work together that extra oomph and insight by assisting in the discovery of underlying wants, obstacles, anxieties, and emotions. Typically, the Tarot can reveal buried information, providing a greater level of knowledge and propelling you onward.

Astrology, Your Birth chart & archetypal psychology

Your birth chart is a unique composition and reflection of your psychological and emotional make-up.

You could consider your birth chart as the skeleton you are made up of. Obviously, social circumstances and conditioning add layers, like skin, and shape your experiences.  Never underestimate the importance of context! That is why you can glean information on those parts of you that may have been suppressed or never given a voice, and those parts that feel familiar and are in charge.

It shows you what parts of you are driving the bus and what parts could use some more attention, but you often forget to feed them. Often it explains why you do, feel, and think what you do, feel, and think. 

It also gives an insight into the theme of wounding as well as the obstacles you may need to address over and over and often have a hard time with.

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