7 Signs of Being On The Wrong Path You May Want To Ignore, But Shouldn’t.

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In my last blog post, I shared the story of how my body called out to me. How it was a sign of me not being in the right life, not doing the right thing for me.

Here are some ways these calls may show up in your life.

1. You feel tired and have little energy.

Every little task is just too much. All you do feels like climbing Mount Everest but the top never gets in sight.
Sleep is the only relief you get and even so sleep may be hard to come.
You wake up each day and have to drag yourself out of bed and face the day ahead.

2. You feel like the world is against you.

You may feel like you don’t belong. Not to this world, not to the people you interact with.
Plus everyone is out to get you. So you don’t even trust your own shadow.
You may even be envious of other people, whose life seems to be going so smoothly you want to smack them .

3. You are easily irritated, even quickly offended.

You have little patience or you may feel you need to defend your every action.
You like to be alone rather than facing people and often start to feel lost and isolated.

4. It’s one thing after another.

Things start to go “wrong”.
You have the feeling that you are dealing with one problem after another. It just never ends. You never seem to get a break.
As soon as you resolve one thing, the next problem is knocking at your door.

5. You procrastinate and cannot make decisions.

You are all over the place, unable to focus on any one thing. So you procrastinate on many tasks that feel too big for you right now.
You become very creative in making excuses, to yourself and other people.
But the worst is that you feel indecisive. You don’t want to take the responsibility for making the wrong choice, so you let others do the deciding for you.

6. Your body starts to react.

You have some vague anxious feelings which you cannot explain. The feeling of something being off, but you don’t know what.
You may start to have some vague pains and aches in your body, which in the long run may turn into a chronic condition.
You may start to sleep badly, either having trouble falling asleep, or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep anymore.
You feel stressed and under pressure all the time, which makes your body tense and achy and uncomfortable.

7. You start to numb out your emotions.

These are the negative as well as the positive emotions. You often do this by distracting yourself, by addictive behavior. This may be smoking, gaming, watching reality shows , surfing the web and social media sites non-stop, as well as alcoholism and drug addiction.
Not having to feel sadness or painful emotions gives you a false sense of safety. But it also keeps you from experiencing joy and love and happiness.
You are flat-lining all these emotions, so you no longer have to feel anything at all.

If you recognize yourself in this, I have news for you.

I can tell you there’s a way out of this.
You see, you are in that phase before waking up. When all is dark and not worth the effort.

It’s like the Hero, before becoming the Hero.
Remember the hero in all the books you’ve read, movies you’ve watched?
Before becoming a hero, he (or she) usually leads a plain, boring life.

Actually he’s getting quite used to that life and is ignoring the signs as much as you do.
Until one day he no longer can ignore the facts. He has to heed the call, as it’s right in his face. And he can no longer hide from it.

The longer and the more you feel one or more of the above, the closer you are to facing the truth.
One day you’ll get pushed so far that you go over the edge of comfort and you have no choice but to jump into discomfort.

That’s your wake up call. The day you’ll start your adventure. Jumping in. Diving of the high board into the deep ocean of possibilities.

Know that you’ll face many challenges, that things will not be easy.
Know that you can handle them. Even if the way you handle them is not the best way. Even if you make mistakes, fail some more and have to get up and start over.
Because mistakes and failure and starting over are part of the hero’s journey.

I’ll bet you, you’ll feel alive like you’ve never have before.

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