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The Power of Tarot

Tarot is a powerful tool to get insight  into a situation, into yourself, into your life.

Because the Tarot functions as a mirror, it helps you get a deeper understanding as to what is happening and what the next steps, choices, decision and actions may be so you can better navigate the situation, yourself, and your life.

Being an active, conscious participant

I don’t use the Tarot to predict where you’re gonna be 1, 3, 6 months or a year from now.

I believe that we are all active, conscious participants in our life, that we have free will and that comes with responsibilities. The responsibility to make our own choices and changes and to create as much coherence in our lives and between our external and internal world as we can.

The Tarot helps you steer in the direction of such coherence.

It helps you make the choices and how to take the next baby steps to get you on your path to your goals, dreams and desires. To what you want —more of— in your life.

Because Tarot is a mirror, it shines a light on the path as well as the hidden stuff, the internal and external obstacles, your hopes and fears.

The Tarot is meant to get a better understanding of yourself and the situation you face. It shows the energies and the potential that are there for you now. It illuminates what you may need to do to get —back— on track.

Ultimately, the outcome is in your hands. Always!

The Year Ahead

A deep-dive into the coming 12 to 18 months

I have created a specific spread to give you as much direction as possible for the coming 12 to 18 months. Always remember that the path can change as you make choices and changes.

The Year Ahead Spread has a look at you and your general environment in which you operate.

It then lays out the energies in different areas of your life and takes a deeper dive into all of them. I also address three month periods, depending on when we start the reading.

This spread also shines a light on your hopes, fears and obstacles. And gives you advice on how to navigate those.

Toxic Relationships

A look into the toxic relationship dynamics

In my coaching, I specifically work with people who are experiencing or have experienced a toxic relationship with all its repercussions, drama and resulting trauma.

I help them spot, deal with, get out of and heal from such a devastating relationship.

That is why I have created this spread.

It shines a light on both you and the toxic person in your life. On the energy between you. It also gives you an idea of how to handle the person or the situation.

It shows where you are stuck and how you can become unstuck if you follow the advice as indicated by the energies.

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Path To Healing

Insight in your wound and how you can start healing

This spread focuses on you and  whatever hurt you have experienced. It also gives you insight into the steps you may need to take so you can start to heal.

This spread is extremely useful for those dealing with or coming out of a toxic relationship.

It shines light on hidden stuff that you may need to address and on the obstacles that may keep you stuck in pain and disconnect.

Ultimately this spread is designed to help you reconnect to yourself, to your dream and desires, to what it is you want in life.

It shows you how and which steps can help you with your recovery.

Have a look at the spread
Get an idea how the reading is layed out
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How does it work

All my readings are video taped, so you can watch along over my shoulder as I put the cards down and explain them to you.

Even if you are not familiar with Tarot, the cards with their images and symbols may stir something in you and you may even derive some extra insights from just looking at them.

That’s why I will make sure you can see what I’m doing when I read.

I also use several decks and more than one card per position to go extra deep into the issues.

You'll get a link to download the video within 5 to 10 working days— following your purchase. These readings are extensive and intensive, so I can only do a limited number of them in a day. This will assure you get the very best of me and not a rushed job.

When you purchase a reading, you’ll be asked to answer some questions so I get a bit more background info on you and/or the situation. Rest assured that all this info will be handled in full confidentiality.

However, I cannot proceed to do the reading without having you answering the questions in this form. And not doing so will also result in a delay to get your reading sent to you.

Also make sure to read my Privacy Policy as well as my Disclaimer on Tarot readings. All the information is there.
Purchasing a reading means you've read my Disclaimer and agree with it.