Monthly Woo for You : September 2017

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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

John Steinbeck

Monthly Tarot Card – Ace of Cups


Cups deal with emotions and feelings or love. Aces are the number one, so they mean a new beginning, a fresh start. This start can be on the emotional or social plain. Our feelings will play a role in whatever is beginning.
This card can be the beginning of a new romantic relationship. Or new friendships, new social contacts. But it can also be a proposal, whether it’s in romance or business.


When this card appears and you’re contemplating making a relationship official, it gives you the green light and you should go for it. All is OK.
Related to business or life, in general, it may mean you need to give or make an offer.

Moon Swoon & Astro Babble

Full Moon in Pisces

September 6th at 8.02 am  GMT
Neptune and Jupiter rule Pisces. This Full Moon is especially influenced by Neptune. Neptune is the planet of dreams and goals, but also about things that can be deceptive. So be on the lookout.
With the Full Moon, it’s time for forgiveness and letting go. Make a list of situations, people, and events you need to forgive. Also include yourself on that list, if needed. Then burn it.

New Moon in Virgo

September 20th at 6.29 am GMT
Virgo rules:
Physical health, eating habits and exercise
Career and work
Organising and being efficient, order
Things that are clear
Helping others
dealing with perfectionism
At each New Moon, write down 10 wishes. They can be related to the list above, or you can write down other goals for yourself. Be specific.

The energy of the New Moon starts to come in the day before but is at its highest during the first 8 hours after the New Moon. But you can write these wishes down the next 48 hours, that works as well. So take the time to sit down and write those wishes down.

Other Important Astro Dates:
September 28th – Power day!
Jupiter opposes Uranus.Jupiter is expansive and likes freedom, Uranus likes the unexpected and is a rebel planet. This can bring about a wonderful change, or it can be quite the explosion.

Note: Times are given in GMT ( London time). Convert to your local timezone via this link. 
Sources: New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller and Horoscopes & Forecasts by The Tarot Lady

Journal Prompt

Time for some joy.

Every day write down 3-5 things that made you happy. Write it on a post-it or a small piece of paper. Get a jar, basket, or a small box, place it somewhere you can see it and drop your little notes of joy in this box.
At the end of each week take out the notes and read what you wrote.
Then take a few minutes to journal on the insights you get.
Remember, these joyful things can be very small occurrences that happen throughout the day. Just be aware of the little things that make you smile and feel warm inside.

It’s All About The Books

This book is all about launching your product online, whether you have an email list or are just starting out as an online entrepreneur.

Gay Hendricks describes why and how to deal with the Upper Limit Problem that keeps us from going to the next level.

Just pre-ordered this book written by Stephen King Of Horror and his son, Owen. Released end of September.
I cannot wait!

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