Monthly Woo for You: October 2017

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“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

Ernest Hemingway

Monthly Tarot Card – Knight of Wands

Time for action, passion, lots of energy.
When this card shows up it’s time to set your mind to get those intentions done. Dreams to action. You have the power and the drive. Plus the confidence to go and create what you crave.

It’s time to stop dreaming and take action. Embrace your confident side because it’s your time and you can do it, but you need to trust yourself. It’s all about following your passion, about going on an adventure. It’s waiting for you, so what are you waiting for?

At the end of the month, journal about how this card played out in your life? What action did you (need to) take? What adventure was/is waiting for you? What dreams are longing for the next step?

Moon Swoon & Astro Babble

Full Moon 
October 5th at 7.40 pm in Aries.
Full moons are perfect for letting go, decluttering, detaching and forgiving. 
This Full Moon in Aries is connected to the New Moon of April 26th. Any plans and goals you made then, have the possibility to start reaping rewards. The projects we’ve begun may go well and this drives our energy up. But do be careful with impatience and impulsiveness. Aries can make us want everything and want it right now if you please. But the world doesn’t work that way. So if your temper flares up, calm the heck down and let go, let go, let go. 

New Moon

October 19th at 8.12 pm in Libra.
Libra is all about balance and fairness. It’s about compromising and meeting people halfway. 
New moons are good for setting intentions, making plans, goals. So it’s time to write down your  10 New Moon wishes/intentions/goals.
Some hints as to what your wishes can be about in this New moon period, ruled by Libra:
partnerships, intimate relationships, marriage
skills to negotiate things
being diplomatic
social events
creating balance and harmony
dealing with co-dependency
(Source: New Moon Astrology – Jan Spiller)

Other Important Astro Dates:
October 10th finds Jupiter going into Scorpio.

“With Jupiter in Scorpio, we can take on a more serious focus, and deal with more serious aspects of life, but we can handle it better and work to not get stuck in pessimism and depression. Jupiter rules optimism and is the happy planet, while Scorpio rules the darkness and seriousness of life. They can be opposite ends of the spectrum, but together, they can combine to help us traverse the muddy waters without getting so dirty, or at least learning to play in the mud.”  as per Nic Gaudette –

Note: Times are given in GMT ( London time). Use this link to convert to your time zone. 

Journal Prompt

Time for bravery.

This month make a list of all the brave things you’ve ever done.
Small, medium, large, x-large. It doesn’t matter if your action required big bold moves or small incremental steps of tiny courageous deeds. Make a list. Go back. Refresh your memory. 
Then at the end of the month, read over that list you made and take stock. See how brave you’ve been. even though at times you were too scared to move. 
Now get inspired from all that bravery and take your next step. 

It’s All About The Books

Jennifer Lawson describes her battle with mental illness. She does it in such a funny way, it’ll have you in stitches. A must read when you feel a bit down.

I read it ages ago when it came out. I reread it many times. It always creeps me out.  and I just saw the movie. So if you like the genre go and watch or (re-)read.

On my to watch list. I saw the trailers. Then I read some reviews. Then some FB friends shared it was intense, so now I have to watch it. That’s just how I roll. 

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