Imagine what it would be like to have a coach and mentor at your side.

Imagine what it would be like to have someone support you when you realise you’re dealing with a toxic relationship.
When you've left one and are still dealing with the aftermath. 
When you want to start healing from such a harmful relationship.
When you're starting over.

Why wait?
Why wait until you have enough time. Enough means.

Why wait until things get so bad you can't see the path in front of you? A path into a better life.

Why not take the bull by the horns and get help now?

I'm offering you a brand new and trailblazing way of mentoring and coaching. Of getting the support you so want, but often don't know how to get.

I call it Christel’s Little Whispers.

Instead of waiting for your next appointment you can have access to me whenever life throws you a curve ball.
Whenever you’re in doubt, overwhelm, confused. Mad, sad or scared.   
Whenever you could use some soul soothing, so you know you got this. So you know there's light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

It’s about getting quick, easy and valuable support with a simple voice clip.

The 5 Issues One-Off Package

  • 5 questions / issues
  • 5 replies by voice clips
  • one-off offer
Special Limited Introduction OfferNow 50€ (normally 75€)

The Little Whispers Subscription

  • up to 15 questions or issues per month
  • replies by voice clips
  • subscription for three, six, nine or twelve months
One, Three, Six, Nine or Twelve MonthsComing Soon
You will only be eligible for a Little Whispers Subscription after you've purchased The 5 Issues One-Off Package.
You will only be eligible for a Little Whispers Subscription after you've purchased The 5 Issues One-Off Package.

What are the Little Whisper Sessions? And how do they work?

I help you with life and relationship issues by replying to your questions, issues or situations by voice clip.

So it goes like this:

  • You send me an email
  • I reply to you by voice clip with support, suggestions, tools and guidance
  • I upload it to a secure cloud based service
  • I send you the link
  • You listen to the voice clip
  • You have permanent access, so you can always refer back to it

Before we start working together, I will send you a questionnaire for me to have some background information, so I don’t fly blind. This way, I can get a better feel for the situation you’re dealing with.

What benefits can you expect from having me and my Little Whispers by your side?

  • you have quick and easy access to personalised guidance and support
  • you have access to tools and techniques to feel calmer
  • you'll gain a renewed trust in your own intuitive wisdom
  • you'll feel more confident in yourself and your decisions
  • you'll experience less overwhelm and stress
  • you'll learn how to create better boundaries
  • you'll understand the importance of self-care
  • you'll learn to accept what is
  • you'll learn to deal with your thoughts and emotions
  • you'll be able to make some tiny and/or big changes in your actions, reactions and behaviour.

By purchasing The One-Off 5 Question Package or The Little Whisper Subscription to Christel's Little Whispers, you acknowledge to have read and to agree with the house rules and boundaries manifesto
And that you are willing to sign and adhere to the House Rules and Boundaries Manifesto.