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Imagine what it would be like to have a coach and mentor by your side.

Imagine what it would be like to have someone support you when you realise you’re dealing with a toxic relationship.
When you've left one and are still dealing with the aftermath. 
When you want to start healing from such a harmful relationship.
When you're starting over.

When you don't know what to do anymore.

Why wait?
Why wait until you have enough time. Enough means.

Why wait until things get so bad you can't see the path in front of you? A path into a better life.

Why not get help and support now?

I'm offering you a brand new way of mentoring and coaching. So you can get the support you want and need, but often don't know how to get.

I call it Instant Coach.

Instead of waiting for your next appointment you can have access to me whenever life throws you a curve ball.
Whenever you’re in doubt, overwhelm, confused, stuck. Mad, sad or scared.   
Whenever you can use some soul soothing, so you know you got this. So you can get back on track.

It’s about getting quick, easy and valuable support with a simple voice clip.

What is Instant Coaching? And how does it work?

I help you with life and relationship issues by replying to your questions, issues or situations through voice clips.

So it goes like this:

  • You send me an email or a voice clip with your concerns, issues, question(s)
  • I reply to you by voice clip with support, suggestions, tools and guidance
  • I upload it to a secure cloud based service
  • I send you the link
  • You listen to the voice clip
  • You have permanent access, so you can always refer back to it

A bit more on Instant Coach Subscriptions

When you subscribe to Instant Coach Monthly, you have me by your side for as long as you want.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically via Paypal.

Anytime you want to cancel, you can do so. No worries, no strings attached. The last thing I want for you is to have another thing to worry about.

Before we start working together, I will send you a questionnaire for me to have some background information, so I don’t fly blind. This way, I can get a better feel for the situation you’re dealing with.

What benefits can you expect from having me as your Instant Coach on speed-dial?

  • you have quick and easy access to personalised guidance and support
  • you'll experience less overwhelm and stress
  • you'll learn how to create better boundaries
  • you have access to tools and techniques to feel calmer
  • you'll feel more confident in yourself and your decisions
  • you'll gain a renewed trust in your own intuitive wisdom
  • you'll learn to flow better with whatever is happening
  • you'll learn to deal with your thoughts and emotions and have more control over them
  • you'll be able to make some tiny and/or big changes in your actions, reactions and behaviour
  • you'll understand the importance of self-care and how to add this to your life

When you purchase an Instant Coach Package or Subscription, please make sure you read the House Rules and Boundaries Manifesto, so we are very clear on the how, what and when's.

You will be provided with a copy of the Manifesto for you to sign and return by email.


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Listen to my insight and guidance on the most frequently addressed issues when dealing with a toxic relationship or its aftermath.
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*Before subscribing, please take a minute to review our Privacy Policy & Notice
** We will process your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and will NEVER share your email address with anyone

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