How About A Destiny Card Reading?

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What are the Destiny Cards, you probably ask?

A few years ago, I stumbled across this ancient, esoteric system of card readings by accident. And I was immediately fascinated by it.

This system was a secret for centuries. The Order of the Magi practiced and evolved the system. And made sure it would only be revealed when the time was right. It was finally put out in public by Olney Richmond, a leader of The Order of the Magi. He brought the Destiny Cards to the western world in the late 19th and early 20th century.

One of his pupils, Robert Lee camp, who now leads the Order of the Magi, wrote books about this system. He created courses to spread awareness and to teach on how to use the cards in our lives.

The system uses a deck of normal playing cards. Each day of the year has a specific card attributed to it. So when you are born on that day, you will have that specific card as your Birth Card. With that card you get spreads for all the years of your life. These spreads are fixed. Besides the yearly spreads, there is also the Life Spread which gives you a bigger picture. And the 7-Year spreads which provide you with more information on where you are at now and on where you may be heading. These spreads give your information on all areas of your life.

The Destiny Card system is an awesome tool for divination. You can also use it to help guide you through life’s challenges. To make the right decisions and choices at the right time. The system even tells you why you interact better with some people than with others. The possibilities are immense.

After reading and studying the books, I started the training offered by Robert L. Camp. I just finished another course with even more information on how to do readings. And what to look for when doing a reading.

For about three years now I’ve done these reports for close friends and colleagues. They all love them. This is what some say:

“The way that Christel works with the tarot and destiny cards is natural, engaging and highly intuitive. She connects with my energy and clearly explains the monthly and yearly influences that the cards reveal. And every single time, without fail, it has been spot on. Having a sense of what’s on the cards from Christel is like having a beautiful guiding light explaining what you feel and face at that point in time so that you can make the best decisions for you. I wouldn’t be without yearly readings on both from Christel now and couldn’t recommend her tarot and destiny card services highly enough.“

“I’ve been using Christel’s Destiny Card reports for the last three years and each time they totally relate to what’s happening in my life. When my birthday comes up, I look forward to having a peek into what’s ahead for me. I use these reports to guide me through the year and to prepare for any challenges or issues that may come my way. The little book you get is really extensive and in-depth. I also love the space to write down my notes, reminders and to journal about how these cards influenced me. Through using these cards, I am getting a better sense of them and how to use them for myself. It’s also very helpful when Christel goes over your cards with you, especially the first few times, as this gives you more clarity and helps you better understand the cards. So you can prepare for the year to come. A Destiny Card Report is a great present to give yourself or even a great gift to a special friend.”

Now is the time for me to bring these readings to the next level in my coaching practice. I know they can be an important and useful tool that adds to the coaching experience as well.

I admit I’m not 100% ready. From a practical point of view, I’m reworking my website to reflect what I’ve learned. On a deeper level, there’s the fear that I need to learn more before I do this. Yet I also know that’s just a limited belief stoked by fear. But I’ve decided I’m not going to wait until all is perfect. I’m going for it!

So if you want to get a Destiny Card reading, you can already get a Yearly report here. There are more and fuller readings coming soon. I will let you know when all the info is up and running.

This is a sample of a Yearly Reading:

If you’re intrigued and want to know more about the Destiny Cards but have no time to study it yourself, Destiny Cards Newsletter. My plan is to write a newsletter once a month about the Destiny Cards.

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