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Tarot Readings by Email

One Card for every Month of the Year

Get an insight of what the upcoming energies are for the next 12 months. For this reading I use only the Major Arcana cards.

Investment: €40


General Areas of Your
Life Reading

This is a general reading, using the Major Arcana cards, The 12 cards represent different areas of your life and the energy that is present.

Investment: € 40


Tarot Advice for
Upgrading Life

Taro is a great tool for advice and guidance. We’ll have a look at what could use an upgrade in your life using both Major and Minor cards.

Investment: €50


Very Specific Questions

Ask up to 4 specific questions. I charge per quastion, but if you purchase 4, I will allow you a bonus questions. So 5 Questions for the price of 4.

€15 per question


Take a moment to read the instructions on how it works and what to do!!

By purchasing an email reading, you give me permission to connect to you and look at the energy that is present in your life.
Depending on the reading you’ll receive a recording and a written overview showing you the images of your cards as well as general keywords and a short explanation of those cards. There’s also space to journal on each card so you can write about what that card means for you or on what happened.
I’ll send you your reading within 4 days. I’m punctual and unless there’s an emergency, I promise to deliver on time. However, in case of an emergency, I’ll let you know by mail about the delay and how long that will be. Remember that we may live in different time zones, so take that into account as well.

Don’t forget to check your spam, because unfortunately sometimes emails end up there.

When you have ordered and paid, send a mail to with your full date of birth and where you were born.
If this reading is meant as a gift, send me the details of that person.
Tarot represents your potential and your possibilities. Ultimately you have free will and it’s your own choices that will shape your future. Using the Tarot as a guide can help you make those choices and decisions. But in no way can I guarantee you the outcome of a reading.

Offer a reading to someone as a gift!
Just mention the name of the person and their details in your mail.


Destiny Card Reports

Year Report

In this spread, we’ll look into the current year of your life, starting from your birthday to the next one.
Your report will show you your major challenges and blessings as well as the overall energy that is present.
The best time to order this report is when you have your birthday coming up, or you just had one.

Year Report : €50Year Report w/Call: €65

7-Year Report

In the Destiny Cards, life is divided in one year and 7-year periods. The 7-Year Spread looks into your current 7-year period. These cards show the energies present in this 7-Year Period, your challenges, blessings, major themes.
You can order this spread at any moment, but have a look below which 7-Year period you’re in now.

7-Year Report : €507-Year Report W/Call: €65

Take a moment to read more on these Destiny Cards and the instructions on how it works and what to do!!

The Destiny Cards are a combination of astrology and numerology, with a connection to Tarot. It uses a normal deck of playing cards. Each day has a specific card. And when you’re born on that specific day, that card will be your Birth Card.

The Birth Card and a few other cards are your Personal Cards. They represent who you are, your characteristics, your positive and negative sides. They also come with a certain life spread, showing you what you’ll need to work on in this life.
Your Personal Cards have fixed spreads for every year of your life. Besides the Yearly Spreads, your life can be divided in 7-year periods. Hence the 7-Year Spreads.

These Spreads give you a picture of what is going on in your life. They can also serve as a guidance to prepare for what is to come.

You can have a peek into the future as well as going back to years that were full of turmoil. These things will always show up in your spreads. The Destiny Cards offer a way to better understand what happened and why.

Destiny Cards can give you a better understanding of who you are and why you do what you do.

The second step is getting info through the card spreads for a certain age. These cards reveal what challenges you may face. Or what rewards and/or blessings you can expect. This way you have a guideline for the year ahead and you van make choices with the cards in mind.

Some things the cards can help you with:

  • realationships
  • career or business decisions
  • money-related issues
  • when it’s the right time to move or make a real-estate deal
  • which people and situations might challenge you and which are a blessing.
These reports are time-intensive, so I need 5 working days to deliver them in your inbox.

I’m very punctual, but in case of an emergency, I may be delayed. In this case I will always let you know of the delay.

Also take into account the difference in time zones, which sometimes can mess things up.

In case you should not get your report in your inbox within the right time-frame, check your spam. Unfortunately some emails do end up in there. If that’s not the case, send me an email, so I can see what went wrong.

In order to do this report, I need some details.

Please fill out this form and send it to me. Yo can hit the send button or email it to me:

The time to deliver your report will depend on me getting this form and details on time.

If you have someone in mind you want to offer a Destiny Card report, make sure you fill out the form with their details.

I can’t start your report without some vital information. Please fill out this form and send it to me.

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Alison O’Leary
Wales, UK

“The way that Christel works with the tarot and destiny cards is natural, engaging and highly intuitive. She connects with my energy and clearly explains the monthly and yearly influences that the cards reveal. And every single time, without fail, it has been spot on. Having a sense of what’s on the cards from Christel is like having a beautiful guiding light explaining what you feel and face at that point in time so that you can make the best decisions for you. I wouldn’t be without yearly readings on both from Christel now and couldn’t recommend her tarot and destiny card services highly enough.”

Donna de Kramer
Quarteira, Portugal

I’ve been using Christel’s Destiny Card reports for the last three years and each time they totally relate to what’s happening in my life. When my birthday comes up, I look forward to having a peek into what’s ahead for me. I use these reports to guide me through the year and to prepare for any challenges or issues that may come my way. The little book you get is really extensive and in-depth. I also love the space to write down my notes, reminders and to journal about how these cards influenced me. Through using these cards, I am getting a better sense of them and how to use them for myself. It’s also very helpful when Christel goes over your cards with you, especially the first few times, as this gives you more clarity and helps you better understand the cards. So you can prepare for the year to come. A Destiny Card Report is a great present to give yourself or even a great gift to a special friend.

Wendy Renee Holthaus
San Francisco, USA

“I absolutely love and appreciate how simple Christel kept this experience for me. It feels so much more impactful that it is simple and super concise. Also having it in writing with space to journal about the cards is a genius idea! The voice recordings not only made it more personal but was another way to take it all in. So I have the pictures, the write up and the recordings which are perfectly consistent. She turned it around super quickly! Plus my reading feels super optimistic! Lastly, my favorite part were the parts where she wrote in messages specifically to me related to each card. If you’d like to see a glimpse into the energy available to you in the coming year, I highly recommend taking Christel up on her offer, she is truly talented at the Tarot! And I happen to know a multi-talented coach!”