meet christel


Narcissistic & Toxic Abuse mentor & coach

As a result of my own life experience, I assist those who are in or have been in a toxic relationship of some kind. Those dealing with narcissistic personalities and their abusive behaviors, in particular.

I guide people through difficult times. I support them when they are unsure. When they require a new set of eyes, I give them a glimpse of hope for healing, a possible way out of the situation or its aftermath. 

For those who are open and willing, I combine my Martha Beck  Coach & Mentor training with the Tarot and Archetypal Astrology. I give them a glimpse of the influencing energies that may befall them in various aspects of their lives.

Why Tarot?

When it comes to Tarot, you can definitely call me a late bloomer.

Though I’ve been familiar with and fascinated by Tarot since I was a child, I never imagined myself as a tarotologist. I never imagined I’d be able to understand the cards, their symbols, and their stories. And to weave them together so that people can use the cards for guidance, assistance, and support.

When I was going through a bad divorce, I really threw myself into the cards. I was married to a malignant narcissist who mocked me whenever I expressed an interest in a world other than the one we see every day.

The last year we were living together was a living hell.

And the cards were the only place I could find solace and safety.

When I left him, I decided that now was the time to pursue the things I was passionate about but that were considered taboo at the time.

I began to work more and more with the cards. I read a lot and took some courses. I familiarized myself with the symbolism and I started really develop my intuition. I realized that the only way I could truly be of service was to read the cards and trust myself.

Behind The Scenes


I am mother to two grown-up sons and wife to a crazy-supportive husband who helped me start over my career and loves me to bits. Which btw is reciprocal. I’m a newbie Nana to a grandson. He’s adorable.

I adore coffee in the morning. And starting the day in a slow and easy way.

Animals are my thing, great and small. Elephants have a special place in my heart, but they don’t fit in my living room. I am surrounded by 4 dogs. And had to say goodbye to many more including two cats.

I love learning new things. My latest adventure is studying psychological astrology, which I’ve started to slowly incorporate in my practice.

I love blue skies, sunshine, and the beach. That’s why I love the Algarve, my true home. Yet, I was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. I speak a few languages, so I help my clients in English, Dutch, and Portuguese.

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