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“Wishing for better without choosing better doesn’t produce better.”
― David Ault

Do you recognize this…

In your relationship, you are very empathic and you try to do your best to keep the peace. You put yourself last and that is starting to take its toll. Yet, you continue on because you don’t believe you deserve any better. And you accept that this is just the way things are.

You make excuses for your partner, even though you feel something is just not right. You still think you can and must fix your partner and you feel responsible for his or her well-being.

You never feel good enough. And on top of it, you’re reminded that maybe you just are not good enough. You walk on eggshells and have learned to no longer trust your own instinct or body signals. This erodes your sense of self, your sense of worth, and your confidence.

You have weak or no boundaries at all. Saying “no” feels selfish to you, so you always give in and please other people.

Most probably you are dealing with a toxic, manipulative partner. Or even one that is high on the narcissistic spectrum.

know that your experiences are valid

Abuse by a narcissist or toxic partner is insidious. It erodes your sense of self and causes you to question your every move. Toxic people know your triggers and they play them oh so well. They manipulate you and make you believe you don’t deserve better. They tell you it’s all your fault and you are the villain. They convince you, that you can’t make it without them. They thrive on scaring you so you cling even more to them.

That’s why it is so hard to break the toxic patterns and leave that relationship.

But usually, there comes a time when you start to peel away the blinders. You start to see that you are being conned into thinking you are the one to blame for everything going wrong. You start to see and feel that you can no longer go on like this. But you are frozen like a deer in headlights and you see no way out.

Let me tell you: there IS a way out. And you CAN do it and make it on your own.

I’m christel & I’m here to support you 

I help you understand the dynamics of your relationship, the tactics, and the MO of your abuser. I help you deal with tough and confusing emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

I help you through the turmoil and process of leaving and divorcing your narcissistic partner.

And I help you on your path of recovery so you get on track and get that fresh start you so deserve.

things you may want to know about me…

I have been in your shoes.

I was in a toxic relationship for over 20 years. In the death throes of that relationship, I was sad, confused, angry, exhausted, and terrified. Yet, I gathered all my courage and left.

It was harder than I thought and I faced some unexpected hurdles because I did not fully realize who I was dealing with, even after all those years.

Yet, here I am. A survivor!
With a new passion for life and helping others through similar ordeals.

My love for learning brought me to a deeper understanding of the Tarot and Archetypal Psychological Astrology, which I use in my work, if appropriate. 

Curious about how I use the Tarot and Astrology?

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Not sure I can help you?

Let’s find out. Send me an email and we have a complimentary chat on how we can work together and help you move on.

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