Dealing Confidently with Big Life Changes

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“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”
― Joseph Campbell

Do you recognize this…

You think you’re going along with the rhythm of life. All may be well, or so you think. You do feel somewhat disappointed at times. Deep inside there is something gnawing at you, but you don’t know what it is. 

Most of us will call it “the blues”, mild depression, too much stress. 

But often it’s a sign of something coming. Something that NEEDS to go, so there is room for change.

Unfortunately, this something often is not pleasant. 

It can be a break-up, a loss, a burn-out. 

And it can be building up for awahile or it make take you toally by surprise and turn your world upside down.

Your Upside-Down World

When your world is upside down, you really are in mourning. You may have lost a person, a way of life, resources, a job, a career, a place you loved to live.

Whatever your own catalytic event is, it’s harrowing, exhausting, and terrifying, and it will make you feel as if your world is ending. And truly, the world as you’ve known it IS actually ending.

It is imperative that you acknowledge this. And that you take your time to grieve. And believe me, grieving does take time. Depending on your personality, the kind of loss, and your support system, it can take anywhere from a few months to even years. 

This is where I come in to support & guide you 

First of all, you need someone who will listen to your story with an open mindset. Then you need someone who asks you questions to delve deeper into the rawness of your emotions — never easy, I get it!  You’ll have to face tough and confusing emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

I guide you through the turmoil and process of grieving and then help you build your confidence back, slowly but surely. 

So you can take on the new world and life you’re facing and get that fresh start you so deserve.

some things you may want to know about me…

I have been in your shoes.

I have gone through quite some impactful changes that made my life explode and implode. Amongst them I went through two intense break-ups, one with an overt narcissist, the most recent divorce from a covert narcissist.

Both divorces left me destitute, lost, angry, sad, and terribly afraid for what would be next. I faced some unexpected hurdles because in both relationships,I did not fully realize who I was dealing with, even after all those years.

Yet, here I am. A survivor!
With a new passion for life and helping others through similar ordeals.

My love for learning brought me to a deeper understanding of the Tarot and Archetypal Psychological Astrology, which I use in my work to delve deeper into what makes you strong and what crates blockages for you.

Together we can make you deal with whatever big life change has been thrown your way in a confident manner.

Curious about how I use the Tarot and Astrology?

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