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“Wishing for better without choosing better doesn’t produce better.”
― David Ault

emotional abuse mentoring & coaching

Emotional abuse is insidious. It erodes who you truly are and makes you doubt your every move. Through my coaching and mentoring, I support and guide people through such abuse, through doubt, fear, and overwhelm. I help them make a fresh start and get a new perspective on their situation.

I specifically give support to those that are dealing with or have dealt with narcissistic personalities and abuse.

I often combine the Tarot in my work as it functions as a mirror. It adds that extra oomph and insight to the work we do together because it helps uncover unconscious desires, blocks, fears, emotions. Usually, the Tarot can uncover hidden stuff so that it brings a deeper level of insight and can launch you forward way more easily.

Tarot gives an extra dimension….

The Tarot shines a light on a situation, an experience, on your life, thoughts and emotions. It is a powerful tool that provides you with a kind of security blanket as you are able to put things in context so you gain a better understanding of what’s really going on beneath the surface. This insight and clarity gives you more control without bypassing your deepest fears and feelings.

It enables deep self-reflection and helps you make choices and decisions so you can take action according to the insights you’ve gained.

To me, the Tarot has always been a soothing presence to have at my side. It has guided and helped me whenever I didn’t know where to turn next, when I felt overwhelmed, out of my depth, or when I straight out hit rock bottom.

It is a good companion for whenever we’re in doubt or need to make some choices.

Nevertheless, I want you to understand the Tarot never takes away your power and accountability. You always continue to be a conscious, active participant in your own life and destiny.

Find out in what ways you can work with me.

Or combine both!

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